I find your whole argument disingenuous. We don’t need a new immigration bill, which was attached to more foreign war money, especially in an election year. (500,000 Ukrainians are dead. How many more do you want killed? Because that’s what our money is doing killing people) if we stop, the money, a peace agreement will be reached. If we keep sending money, the war will continue and more will die.

Biden just needs to go back to what Trump had put in place while he was in office.

Trump severely slowed down the flow of illegal immigrants into this country.

For three years now I’ve been hearing from Mayorkas, and the “border zar” Kamala Harris, there is no border problem, they claimed that the border was secure! Which was a lie all along. Then in the last couple months all of a sudden there is a border problem. And somehow Biden is going to run on the fact that it’s Trump’s fault. Hilarious.

Also, waiting to the very last sentence to state what was wrong with the bill….I don’t know Hal, were you hoping people wouldn’t read all the way through? Your argument would’ve had more credibility if you put the problem right at the top, and then tried to convince us that allowing 2 million people a year in is somehow better than what we have now. But you couldn’t because Your initial argument, doesn’t work with the 2 million can still come in fact.

The average American no longer has to depend on multi national corporate news (globalists news) )that you keep referencing. And they have eyes in their heads and they can see what’s happening around them. They know how much better they had it with Trump. Most Americans don’t have money in the stock market per se, so they don’t see this wonderful economy that Biden has “ built back better” They see their resources being drained to illegal immigrants, and foreign wars. while too many Americans don’t have a place to put their head at night. And those that do don’t feel safe in their homes.

New York is giving $53 million in vouchers to illegals, which means Trump could even win New York. People are waking up, their interests are not being served. So let’s have a fair and honest election, and let the people decide. America First.

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Was rotten from the start

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The so-called border bill had plenty of warts - allowing the continuation of illegal migrants into the country, albeit with some restrictions. that have not existed over the last 3 years. In spite of the problems with the bill, it should have been heavily supported on a bipartisan basis so we could get on with the improvements over today's situation. Those who blindly followed ex-president Trump's directives do not belong in our Senate.

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